Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (SCIP)


In response to the increasing local agency staff time and budget pressures caused by new commercial, industrial or residential development, CSCDA offers the Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (“SCIP”). SCIP is a financing program that enables developers to pay most impact fees and finance public improvements through an acquisition agreement that qualify under the 1913/1915 Act (excluding school fees) via tax-exempt bond issuance proceeds. The SCIP program has assisted communities and developers throughout California to finance over $150.2 million in impact fees since 2003.

This highly versatile program has been molded to the needs of each local agency participant of SCIP. As most local agencies require developers to pay impact fees prior to obtaining a permit, SCIP can be used to directly prepay these fees or, alternatively, to reimburse the developer after fee payment. The program can be used to enable developers to pay for, or be reimbursed for, all eligible impact fees or for a single impact fee. Moreover, the program may alleviate the need for a fee deferral program by providing the local agency with necessary funds and eliminating the risk of nonpayment by the developer.

SCIP has been designed to minimize local agency staff involvement by using an experienced team of finance professionals to administer the program, thereby freeing valuable local agency resources for other functions. To participate, a local agency need only be a member of CSCDA and pass a resolution approving the program. Please refer to the SCIP FAQ’s and the SCIP Manual for details.

To apply, please complete the online application and return the completed Landowner Information Form (including required attachments) along with the $1,500 application fee.

For more information, please contact Scott Carper at (925) 765-8525.

Online Application

To complete the on-line SCIP Application form: Apply Now

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